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The Inflow Blog: Where Experts Come To Talk

When it comes to discussing and analyzing the latest trends and changes in inbound marketing, the Inflow Team always has something to say. Check out our blog for great resources and ideas for inbound marketing.

What Content Marketers Want MarComm Pros To Know

Trust Me Imma Content Marketer

A while back, we started to explore the interesting role of the content marketer. I solicited public relations experts to throw some tips and advice our way. Some of the smartest and savviest folks we could have hoped for weighed in. Now we’re returning the favor, not just to the PR pros, but to all […]

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on August 27th, 2014

How Inflow Nurtures Creativity


The agency life is often thought of in “Mad Men” terms these days. Or that it needs to be filled with “buzz” and Nerf guns, skinny jeans and hipster music playing on a loop.  And well, that’s pretty much a fallacy. At least here at Inflow it is. We don’t come in and get rowdy. […]

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on August 21st, 2014

Digital Content Audits for SEO and Inbound Marketing

fat bot

Today I published a content audit tutorial on Moz.com which outlines in detail our process for performing content audits on client sites. To accompany the guide on Moz, we created a useful tool that should help you choose a path forward in the vast majority of cases when conducting a content audit. We call this Content […]

Posted by Everett Sizemore on August 13th, 2014

This Month In Search – July 2014


The past four weeks have continued to keep us busy with client work, summer vacations and some more big algorithm updates! In late June, the “Authorship Photo Drop” occurred. What the heck is the authorship photo drop? It simply means that your pretty little mug will no longer appear in the SERPs next to content […]

Posted by Chris Hickey on August 7th, 2014

Is That A Word? – #searchlingo


How do you spell canonicalization? We were sitting in the office and someone asked “is backlink one word or two?” This raised the eyebrows of quite a few SEO’s in the office. Well technically it is two words, however in our industry, it is perfectly acceptable to keep it as one. Much like this office’s […]

Posted by Tim Hampton on August 6th, 2014