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When it comes to discussing and analyzing the latest trends and changes in inbound marketing, the Inflow Team always has something to say. Check out our blog for great resources and ideas for inbound marketing.

Inflow Insights – November 2014

Insights Nov 2014

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! We had a great day spending time with family, loved ones, great food and a side of Penguin! That’s right, on Thanksgiving Day there were more rumblings of another Penguin algorithm refresh. After radio silence from Google for over a year, there have been near continual updates […]

Posted by Chris Hickey on December 10th, 2014

The Right eCommerce Conversion Rate

eCommerce conversion

The Issue Businesses need to know their eCommerce Conversion Rate, this is obvious, and so it makes complete sense that they would look to their analytics for it. The problem however is that the eCommerce Conversion Rate shown in Google Analytics is not always the best for a particular eCommerce site, and many a company […]

Posted by Keith Hagen on December 9th, 2014

Inflow’s 2nd Annual Season of Giving


  I’ve become a bit of the resident nagger at Inflow. Since I came on and first got the idea in my mind that we should give back more to the community, I’ve been the one to organize the donation drives, send the nagging emails reminding folks to bring stuff in, etc. And I must […]

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on December 4th, 2014

Content Audit Webinar Video Recording and Slides

Analyzing Content Audit Data

In Case you missed it! On November, 20th we had a webinar in which I presented on content audits for inbound marketing, and collaborated on Q&A with the team from URL Profiler. As promised, we’re including the slides here for those who attended. Need Some Context? You may have noticed many of the slides are […]

Posted by Everett Sizemore on December 3rd, 2014

Local SEO Strategy and Checklist


As 2014 winds down and “Local Saturday” is just on the tail-end of next week, the statistics from Google, Deloitte and others have confirmed one thing: not only do brick and mortar businesses need proper local listings, but they need to have a strategy to go with it. We hope to provide some tips and […]

Posted by Tim Hampton on November 18th, 2014