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With Mobile, More Touch Points = More Opportunities

mobile touch

How mobile drives purchase decisions, and how to track success in an omnichannel world With the propagation of smart phones with huge data plans, the landscape of retail is changing rapidly. While traditional eCommerce is frequently considered separately from brick and mortar, the addition of mobile to the mix can help tie these disparate channels […]

Posted by Michael Kuehn on March 25th, 2015

The Online Marketer’s Noble Fourfold Path

The Noble Fourfold Path of Marketing

The Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism includes concepts like “Right Speech,” “Right Intention” and “Right Livelihood” to guide Buddhist practitioners toward ethical conduct, as defined within the Buddhist traditions. While I tend to shy away from preaching about ethics, a similar group of concepts can be used to guide marketing practitioners toward effective inbound marketing campaigns. […]

Posted by Everett Sizemore on March 24th, 2015

Inflow and ConversionIQ at SearchCon


Thursday, April 9-Friday April 10, 2015, Mike Belasco, Monica Valdez and Todd Barrs will be speaking at SearchCon in Breckenridge, CO. Belasco, President and CEO of Inflow, will be a panelist discussing different types of Content Marketing. Valdez, Director of Paid Search, will present on Pay Per Click and Barrs, Director of Product Development  for […]

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on March 17th, 2015

6 Methods to Create Quality Blog Content


When contemplating a blog topic to write, I came to an obvious conclusion. Write about what you are attempting to accomplish this very moment: how to generate subjects to write about in your blog. Dear Expert, Write Blog Articles on What YOU Know I have come across countless clients who haven’t started a blog because […]

Posted by Mandy Mangold on March 10th, 2015

Inflow Insights – February 2015

insights feb

As we finally brush off our holiday hangover, February – while short – was a fantastically productive month at Inflow. Some amazing content was produced, as you will see below. We also welcomed two new team members! Michael Kuehn joined the conversion team, and Mandy Mangold joined the organic team. We obviously like “Mikes” as […]

Posted by Chris Hickey on March 9th, 2015