How best to summarize our experience with Google Boost? Don’t use it if you have any concept what-so-ever of how to use PPC.

One of our clients recently had the opportunity to add Google Boost to their account. The results were dismal (to say the least).

With Boost, Google really is looking for an easy way to reach small businesses that for whatever reason cannot set up a Google AdWord campaign. From Google:

The product automatically creates an Adwords campaign based on a businesses categories and information in the listing. The business sets the monthly budget and Google determines what search words trigger the ad.

We participated in an introductory call with the Google Sales Team. Their approach was “AdWords is hard. We’ve figured out a way to make it easy.” I guess….

For our client, Google Boost added 10,468 keywords related to apartments. Maybe 5% of those keywords were actually helpful. Real issue here – getting rid of keywords that you didn’t want in the account. Google doesn’t let you do this. We ended up having all sorts of unrelated keywords sending unrelated inquiries to the client. When  we determined the keywords that were driving the unrelated traffic, we tried to:

  • Remove them from the AdWords interface – no go….
  • Ad negatives to the AdWords interface – no go…
  • Remove them from AdWords editor – no go….
  • Ad negatives to the AdWords editor – negative!

After a month and a half, we shut Google Boost down. It was really pointless – especially considering that the client already had a PPC account.

Is Google Boost something for you or your clients? Only if you and/or your clients have zero concept of what a PPC account is. I cannot recommend it for anyone other than a business only concerned with driving traffic and not driving results.