Office Space (The Bobs)

Image via Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. (Office Space)

This week marks the beginning of what promises to be a fruitful, fulfilling, and downright awesome journey at what I believe is Denver’s top digital agency. Before jumping in, however, I’d love to get acquainted.

So I’ll envision you, dear reader, sitting across from me and asking some questions. In this vision we’re hanging out and quaffing a few locally-produced Belgian beers rather than talking to The Bobs.

“Cool – uh, where ya from?”

Born and raised right here in Colorado. I currently live just south of downtown Denver.

“Why’d you join Inflow?”

Awesome question. There’s no shortage of places where a marketer can hang one’s hat: giant corporation, small business, freelance, countless agencies. So why Inflow? For me, it boils down to two core reasons.

First and foremost, it’s an opportunity to be surrounded by crazy-talented people. And not just talented – but truly passionate. My colleagues view this work not just as a job, but something that’s fun and engaging. That’s something you don’t see every day. My time here thus far confirmed my hunch – based on the agency’s reputation and track record – that Mike Belasco has built a team and culture where growth, learning, and collaboration happens every single day. If I’m not mistaken the French term for this type of work environment is trés badass.

Secondly, I see Inflow as the perfect fit with what I want to do. It’s no coincidence I’ve wound up in a role with the title of “Strategist.” I love looking at the big inbound marketing picture, figuring out what it’ll take to get a client from point A, to point B, and then putting that plan into action.

“So, what’s your background? How’d you get to this point in your life?”

The first half of my career focused on writing, research, and analysis related to the stock market. While engaged in that world, I also earned a master’s degree in Political Science. Digging into questions like “why do some democratizing regimes backslide into authoritarianism?” and “is Europe putting itself at risk by relying too heavily on Russian energy?” taught me that even abstract elements like, say, civil liberties can be quantified and analyzed to produce useful, actionable recommendations.

Part II of my career has seen a headlong shift into marketing. Starting more than seven years ago, before “Web 2.0” had really taken hold, I developed a good sense for the fundamentals of email campaigns, effective blog posts, analytics, and web content. I was also fortunate enough to work with an organization that taught me the ins-and-outs of business strategy: SWOT Analysis, competitive analysis, planning, market segmentation and so on. I consider that experience to be my own mini-MBA.

More recently I served as Digital Marketing Manager for a tech startup. The tech world is as crazy and dynamic as you’d expect. To stay competitive requires a keen, dare I say holistic understanding of all possible channels – everything from social media to app marketing to SEO and SEM to email and PR. Marketing is a world where you can never rest on your laurels; every month brings new tools and techniques. Ignore them at your own peril.

“What do you uniquely bring to the table as a marketer?

I’d say it’s those strategic and analytic skills, combined with the ability to empathize with clients’ customers. I also strive to apply my creative side to crafting content and messaging strategies that slice through the daily noise cluttering the fantastic series of tubes known as The Internets. (All while measuring and A/B testing just about everything.)

“What is the airspeed of a laden swallow?”

African or European?

“What do you like to do for fun?”

My Happy Place is writing and playing music. I also love being in the high country during the warmer months. (I highly recommend doing a backpacking trip below the Maroon Bells in Aspen.)

My, that was a tasty beverage. Thanks for the conversation!