The CRO and SEO Impact of Syndicated Reviews

  1. Thank god finally an article on this topic!
    I have been looking into this issue because the only ones providing information are tool providers (bazarvoice & pwerreview mainly), and of course they defend their tool by saying syndicated content is not duplicated content. And how they support their argumentation is a bit light.

    An issue I see is that since google is showing the version with the highest pagerank.
    So if you manage a brand, and that your is much smaller than your website (think for instance the website of vs the one of sephora); your retailer will get the SEO benefit of your review…while your own website gets the downside of being considered as publishing duplicated content. Wdyt about that ?

    • I think that is a likely scenario, but not sure how much “downside” there is to that. For example, I certainly don’t think the site would suffer any sort of penalty or hit to “quality” in this scenario. Also there is a positive benefit to the Brand overall but maybe the margins aren’t quite as good as selling direct.

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