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The Building Blocks to a Better Site Led to Great Results

Keith Hagen, Michael Kuehn, Devon Cox - the Inflow CRO Team

From our CRO Team


Increase in Sales


Case Study Details

The client’s website had a good deal of traffic and had plenty of room for improvement but only signed on at the Insights level of SCOPE with Inflow’s CRO team.

The Analyst assigned to work on the conversion optimization of the site had to uncover not only where to make significant improvements, but also where to make the biggest ones right away without too much work by the development resources (limited to five hours per month at the Insights level of SCOPE).

After a round of user testing and deep analysis of the website’s Google Analytics and internal expert reviews, the eBusiness consultant started making key conversion optimizing recommendations, which the site’s resources quickly started implementing.

The conversion rate optimizations included:

  • Fix a SSL Certificate Issue on the site, which caused some browsers to prompt users in the cart with a warning the site was susceptible to hackers
  • Keep Traffic on the Site: The site was sending traffic to a popular forum where competitors were advertising
  • Use a Favicon: The little icon seen at the top of tabs and in browser bookmarks is the unsung hero on online branding and conversions
  • Increase the presence of Free Shipping on the site
  • Elevate the presence of Trust Factors in the Cart and Checkout
  • Lower the free shipping price threshold from $99 to $49
  • Results were a 36 percent lift in sales, according to Split testing
  • Re-organize homepage content strategically factoring in Personas, Buying Cycle and Popularity
    • Resulted in a 14.95 percent “Bounce Rate” on the homepage or a 35 percent decrease
  • Perform Core Navigational Segmentation of site visitors, which reflected their behavior of how users were actually using the site
  • Improve Light-Box Presentation and Behavior on product pages
  • Five other key recommendations around online persuasive copywriting and content creation


Once all the pieces came together, the results were clear wins.

Sales up 66.3%

Despite seasonal trends where online sales conversion rates historically have gone down on this site, the fall/winter of 2011-2012 saw the online sales conversion rate for this eCommerce site go up more than 63 percent.

The Sunbelt States Sales up 79%.

The optimizations for the site can best be seen in the southern U.S. states where winter was less of a factor. In these states, such as Florida, Texas and California, the eCommerce conversion rate increased 79 percent.

Average Order Value up 6.5%

Not only did the eCommerce conversion rate increase due to conversion optimization services applied, but so did the Average Order Value (AOV), which went up 6.5 percent.

Revenue Per Visitor up 78%

A key indicator of an eCommerce site’s health is Revenue per Visitor (RPV), which tells you the average amount a site visitor is spending. Three months into this ongoing case study for the ongoing conversion optimization program, eCommerce RPV has increased 78 percent.

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