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Inflow Featured Image - Skreened

When Skreened, an ecommerce site that sells trendy design-driven apparel and other products, approached us, they hadn’t run a Google Shopping campaign in two years. The company recognized they were missing out on an opportunity for increased revenue. They also knew how hard it is to get it right and get a great return on Read More

Case Study: Focusing on Audience Opportunities Draws More Qualified Visitors

Sometimes it can be difficult to discover your audience online. Who are they? What are they looking for? How can you get in front of them without wasting resources reaching audiences that aren’t interested in your products? Research, testing, and segmentation can do wonders to help a brand draw in more qualified visitors – users Read More

Case Study: Stop Promoting, Start Connecting with your Target Audience

The Client: Gaia Gaia, formerly Gaiam TV, is a lifestyle media hub for those embracing and promoting health and growth of their body, mind and soul. The site offers several channels with programming ranging from yoga and fitness to alternative perspectives on science. Gaia came to Inflow with a blog that was filled with mostly self-promotional posts. Read More

Case Study: Technical SEO Gets This eCommerce Site Back on Track

eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Volusion, Magento, etc. can be a fantastic starting point for new and smaller eCommerce businesses, but as your business grows, each platform’s limitations can often become increasingly apparent. Unfortunately, no platform is perfect, but there are things that can be done to prevent a platform’s limitations from limiting your site’s performance. Read More

Case Study: Consistent Testing Leads to 90% Lift in Conversions

Over time, Google has increasingly shown preference for sites that provide users with a good experience, whether they’re on desktop or mobile. Making sure your site is responsive across a variety of devices and screen sizes is an important part of that, and can even play a role in your site’s overall conversion rate. We’ve Read More

Case Study: Revenue Lift from Content Audition and Technical SEO

In 2011, Google released the first Panda algorithm update which was developed to reduce the prevalence of low-quality and thin content and to boost unique, relevant content in search results. Later in 2012, Google would release another update called Penguin which was aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of sites that were deemed to be Read More

Case Study: Content and Link Clean-up Lift Revenue By 77%

It’s not uncommon for a Google algorithm update to throw your site’s SEO off track. Back when Google started releasing their Penguin and Panda updates, both of them seemed to cause some online retailers to see declines in their revenue. When this happens, it’s always a good idea to call in a team of experts Read More

Case Study: Huge Revenue Increase After Data-Oriented Campaign Changes

Data can do wonders if you know how to collect it and know how to analyze it. If you’re not collecting and utilizing data from your traffic, transactions, and marketing efforts, then you could be missing out on potential opportunities to increase your revenue. We’ve helped clients implement a variety of tracking solutions and we’ve Read More

Case Study: Creativity and Sugary Sweets Help Increase Brand Awareness and Social Engagement

It can be difficult sometimes for even the best eCommerce brands to get in front of customers. Whether you’re the say-all-be-all of asphalt or the sweetest candy shop online, you’ll need a little creativity and social savvy to increase online engagement. Especially on platforms like Facebook where user attention is at a premium. We helped Read More

Case Study: Careful and Deliberate Pruning Leads to Growth

It’s not uncommon for organizations and businesses to feel starved of content these days, but what happens when the very content they’ve created is holding back their site? When it’s time to audit your site’s content, it’s good to keep a sharp mind and a be willing to cut anything that isn’t helping your site’s Read More

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