Inflow Lead Gen Case Study: Increasing Form Completions 39%

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Clear Conversion Hurdles, Increase Leads

Inflow PPC Team

From our Paid Team


Increase in Paid Traffic


Results: 39 percent increase in form leads; paid search drives 34 percent of all traffic and 57 percent of overall leads.

The Inflow Solution

Inflow built a paid search account with highly granular AdGroups to deliver customer messaging catered to keyword genres. We focused on remarketing to remain in front of all visitors that have shown interest in their services.

To help determine quantity and quality of leads, we implemented a call tracking solution, which is used to annotate the quality and result of each lead that calls from a paid search. This information is then used in account optimization and budget allocation.

To help solve account navigation issues, rather than recommend a costly website redesign, we implemented a landing page building platform to increase form conversions.

The Results

Since implementation, form leads have increased by 39 percent. Additionally, paid search accounted for 34 percent of traffic and 57 percent of overall leads in 2013, and has also proven to be an effective source of online traffic.


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