Inflow Case Study: Experts and Influencers Equal Backlinks

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Experts and Influencers Equal Backlinks

Kent Barton, Chris Hickey, Mandy Mangold, Alex Juel, Glen McMurry of Inflow

From our Inbound Team

39 New Links


The Inflow Solution

After a robust brainstorming session with the team at Media Contour, we all decided that an multi-expert piece surveying UX industry influencers on what they are currently reading was going to make a dynamic and interesting piece.

The article wasn’t just a clever way to meet goals, but it genuinely added value for anyone who read it. Because of that, we knew it would be a success on social channels.


media contour

Within 30 days, the article received 39 links, 751 pageviews and 181 social shares.

Even more important than the actual social shares were the influencers sharing. Because this article appealed to just the right audience, the total reach of this article went out to more than 95,000 social followers.

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