Inflow PPC Case Study: Huge Gains Without Huge Spend Increases

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Huge Gains Without Huge Spend Increases

Inflow PPC Team

From our Paid Team


Increase in eCommerce Conversion Rate


Result: Grew PPC-related revenue 5x under our management

The Inflow Solution

Inflow reorganized SWFA’s entire account structure based upon brand names and products. Its ad copy focused on product-specific benefits, as well as highlighting price points. We included granular keyword grouping that allowed us to take advantage of various match types, as well as product ID codes. We did extensive negative keyword filters to increase click-through rates and quality scores. The volume and variety of keywords led us to implement keyword-bidding software to help maintain a high ROAS.

The Results

eCommerce conversion rate grew 40 percent. The PPC related revenue grew 5x from 2010 to 2013, while cost only grew around 2x. This represented a 340 percent increase in revenue with only an 80 percent increase in cost. Additionally, the average order value grew 40 percent from 2010 to 2013 and the ROAS grew 2x. SWFA not only met its goals, but exceeded them.

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