Knowing the Next Steps at Checkout Leads to More Sales

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Knowing the Next Steps at Checkout Leads to More Sales

Keith Hagen, Michael Kuehn, Devon Cox - the Inflow CRO Team

From our CRO Team


Increase in Sales


The Result: There was a 25 percent increase in sales when visitors knew what to expect.

The Inflow CRO Solution

Inflow’s CRO team started user testing, which revealed an insight that users felt uncomfortable at checkout. They were on a site dealing with a sensitive issue, and they wanted to know more information before submitting an order. The ambiguity, or waiting that would occur after completing checkout, was holding back potential sales.

old checkout

By simply adding some additional copy on the checkout page outlining the next steps in the process, sales increased.

Updated Checkout With Copy For

The Results

The tests showed an increase of 25.60 percent conversion rate with a 97 percent level of confidence for a user wanting to use a site for such a delicate and discreet matter.

By adding the small amount of copy to the checkout page, the visitor had better expectations of what would be next in the process and was willing to then move forward in the conversion process.

Test result graph after adding insights to

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