How We Increased This Auto Part Retailer's Conversion Rate by 129%

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Critical Changes Bring Increase in Conversion Rate

Keith Hagen, Michael Kuehn, Devon Cox - the Inflow CRO Team

From our CRO Team


Increase in eCommerce Conversion Rate


Results: Increased eCommerce Conversion Rate by 129 percent

Case Study Details

Despite having invested in an elaborate eCommerce store on the same content management system that powered their eBay Store, they were not seeing success and their paid advertising efforts were returning little ROI. They knew there was great potential to sell recycled parts online, as online resellers like eBay and other affiliates sold their parts online very successfully, but took a significant piece of the profit.

The eCommerce store had several challenges:

  1. Analytics Configuration: No proper visibility into what was happening on the eCommerce site
  2. Look and Feel: The site did not have a polished and professional appearance expected of a Fortune 1000 company
  3. User Experience: The site did not present, organize and sell parts the way its customer wanted to find and buy them
  4. Inventory Data: Much of the inventory that was being sought online was not identified. They had the inventory, but did not know to highlight it.

The Inflow CRO Solution

After considering a redesign of the website, company management decided that an aggressive continuous improvement program would be more cost effective and provide more immediate results.

During the 10-month continuous improvement program, the website implemented 250 conversion optimization recommendations through six incremental and strategic revisions of the website.

  1. The look and feel were updated. This less aggressive website update approach kept all the existing pages and layout.
  2. The primary paths through the site were optimized from the user’s perspective.
  3. The product pages were revised and optimized.
  4. The cart and checkout experience was optimized.
  5. Popular inventory was identified and made easier to locate.


After 10 months of conversion rate optimization:

Conversion Rate Increase: 129%

The main objective of getting on a conversion rate optimization program was achieved with the conversion rate increasing dramatically, even as advertising campaigns started sending increasing amounts of less qualified traffic from new paid search campaigns, display advertising and social media.

Organic Traffic Increase: 289%

While there was no active SEO program at work driving traffic to the site, all conversion rate optimization recommendations are SEO friendly, and improving the site resulted in many incoming links that boosted search engine rankings.

Homepage Bounce Rate Reduced to 15.62%

The number of people who arrived at the homepage, only to leave without going further (bounce), was reduced to 15.62 percent, about half its previous amount. This outstanding success reflects the homepage strategy employed by the ConversionIQ Analysts, who designed its functional layout to orient first, and then meet the needs of all site visitors. The average bounce rate for automotive retail sites of this size was 53 percent during this period, according to Google Analytics. The overall website bounce rate was only 21 percent.

Cost Per Acquisition Reduced: 48%

While there was no active SEO program at work driving traffic to the site, all the conversion optimization recommendations are SEO friendly and improving the site resulted in many incoming links, which boosted search engine rankings.

Customer Feedback Rating Increases

The site’s feedback tool allows site visitors to rate their experience with the website using a 5-star rating system. Following the first revision of the site, the feedback tool was placed on the site and earned an average rating of 3 out of 5. Within one revision, the site rating increased to 4.2 out of 5, earning a top ranking among sites that implement the feedback tool.

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