Inflow Conversion Optimization Case Study: Optimizing the menu

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Optimize Header for Lift in Sales

Keith Hagen, Michael Kuehn, Devon Cox - the Inflow CRO Team

From our CRO Team


Increase in Sales on Mobile Devices


Results: The right menu order provided a 51 percent lift on mobile devices and an overall lift of 19 percent in sales.

M&J Trimming's Site Header Before Optimization

M&J Trimming’s Site Header Before Optimization

The Inflow CRO Solution

Inflow’s CRO team started user testing, which revealed an insight that users were clicking on menu items sporadically instead of in an organized fashion from left to right, which the user brain automatically tends to do.


Reorganizing the menu items helped visitors select what they wanted with more ease and quickness.

The Results


Mobile result

The newly organized menu made way for optimal results—especially with mobile. The conservative expected lift was 51.48 percent in mobile. The conservative expected lift overall was 19.55 percent, which made this test and optimization a huge win. Below is the newly optimized menu after the test and recommendations.

Winning Version

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