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Boost in Conversions for Nonprofit Using eCommerce Tactics

Keith Hagen, Michael Kuehn, Devon Cox - the Inflow CRO Team

From our CRO Team


Increase in Conversions


Random Acts of Kindness had recently redesigned its website to be more engaging. While the site looked better and served its audience better than ever, the foundation recognized they needed to have its community more engaged and contributing more about the acts of kindness they were involved in. The primary way site visitors did this was through sharing their stories. The site needed to capture more stories to share with the community, increasing the chances of inspiring people to practice kindness.

Submitting a story as a site objective is not like most online objectives. It is asking users to supply a lot of information in return for nothing tangible. Online attention spans are very low, and getting people to submit their entire story of how they participated in a random act of kindness appeared to be a lot to ask, based on the percentage of people submitting stories.

Inflow’s CRO team built an in-depth understanding of site visitors, then architected an experience for users that encouraged the community to share their stories.

The first step was to make sure the experience started on the most common “landing” pages and took prominence in a very “real” way on the homepage.

Then our CRO Analysts made the opportunity to share their stories clear to site visitors.

Finally, site copy was written in a context that expressed how sharing stories was central to the community and their experiences on the site.

The Results

Immediately after implementation of Inflow recommendations, there was an increase of 235 percent in story submissions.

Google Analytics confirmed a Conversion Rate Average (Before) of 2.53 percent, compared to Conversion Rate Average (After) of 8.48 percent.

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