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Kent Barton, Chris Hickey, Mandy Mangold, Alex Juel, Glen McMurry of Inflow

From our Inbound Team

96 New Links From 43 Domains


Results: 96 New Links from 43 Domains!

Case Study Details

In opportunity-based link building, we seek out things that can help develop links pointing back to our client’s site. As it so happened, one of our strategists discovered a resource page exploring various 3D photography results on an outside domain was no longer live, meaning that all the different sites linking to it now returned a 404 error. For webmasters, it boils down to a bad user experience when you’re sending users to a dead page. For ATF and Inflow, it was a golden opportunity.

The Inflow Solution

Our Strategists recreated our own version of the dead page on the ATF domain and contacted each one of the webmasters who had sites linking to the dead resource and asked them to link to the new one. This outreach was a quick and easy way to gain natural links to the ATF domain, while also providing value to the webmasters.

The Results

ATF resoure page

Through our outreach, we were able to get 96 out of the 100 webmasters linking to the dead page to redirect their link to the live resource page we built on the ATF domain.

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