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Too Many Indexed Pages Equals a Loss in Traffic

Kent Barton, Chris Hickey, Mandy Mangold, Alex Juel, Glen McMurry of Inflow

From our Inbound Team


Increase in Revenue


The Results: Decreasing the number of pages indexed led to a substantial increase in traffic and revenue

The Inflow Solution

Inflow took a technical look at the site and found that UBV had a disproportionate number of pages indexed to the actual products they offered. In short, they were wasting their crawl budget on low-performing blog pages instead of better optimizing product landing pages. After a full Content Audit, Inflow began helping with technical implementations of what content to prune in order to produce higher traffic to the right places.

Une Belle Vie Index

The graph above shows that in spring 2014, there was a positive change in traffic for UBV.  The change in traffic was sustained over the rest of the year, as compared to the previous year. There was an overall increase in 2014 of 11.27 percent in organic traffic.


The graph below shows that in the same timeframe that as indexed pages were decreasing, organic traffic started increasing.

Une Belle Vie Success Story

But it didn’t just end there. UBV also saw an increase in their revenue and eCommerce conversion rate from the previous year. When there were fewer pages indexed, the highly-qualified traffic could be captured on the pages where it mattered leading to these increases.

Une Belle Vie Success Story

When Google better understood the relevance of the indexed pages and the site overall, it was easier to serve the user for what they may have been searching. Google is interested in conversational queries and the content on a website’s pages. By decreasing the number of pages indexed, the crawl budget was reallocated to send bots to pages that had been best optimized and would better affect the bottom line.

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