We have taken many of the sites on our best in class eCommerce list (for conversion rate purposes), and compared them across 112 points. In this comparative analysis, we not only look at the features but allow you to dig deeper to see which sites have which features.

Here are some samples from the analysis spreadsheet linked to above.

eCommerce Homepage Comparison

comparative matrix homepage

From this, we can see the sites we consider (and track) best in class pretty much all offer direct access to specific products from their home pages. Often eCommerce sites leave out direct access to products citing that they sell too many to call out just a few. However in the case of these best in class sites, we see homepage are like “Most Popular” or seasonal highlighted products.

We also see from the above that less than half of our best-in-class sites use any sort of rotating banner (aka carousel). Avoiding the use of carousels is a well documented and spoken of annoyance in the world of site optimization, so it’s no wonder half of these great eCommerce sites don’t have them.

eCommerce “Comparison Feature” Comparison

chart comparison

From this, we can see that the best in class eCommerce sites that have a product comparison feature enable it on Gallery (a.k.a. sub-category pages) and only one enables it on  product pages, while all of them show the full comparison view on a separate page, as opposed to an overlay.

eCommerce Personalization Comparison

chart suggest

Here we can see the “Other Suggestions” is the most popular eCommerce up-sell approach, and that most of our best in class eCommerce sites up-sell in the cart, whether it is a cart drop-down or on the cart page.