In Case you missed it!

On November, 20th we had a webinar in which I presented on content audits for inbound marketing, and collaborated on Q&A with the team from URL Profiler. As promised, we’re including the slides here for those who attended.

Need Some Context?

You may have noticed many of the slides are image-heavy, but light on explanatory content. To get the most out of the deck it is best to hear the commentary for each slide. Lucky for you, we’ve recorded the entire webinar, which can be accessed below!


Content Audit Spreadsheet Template

Strategies for Common Audit Scenarios

How to Do a Content Audit: Step-By-Step

URL Profiler

Screaming Frog

Excel Vlookup Tutorial Web Data Crawler

Kimono Alternatives Turn Websites Into Structured APIs

A1 Website Analyzer by Microsys (Screaming Frog Alternative)

Google Big Query – Process big data in the cloud

Crawl Optimization Article by Blind Five Year Old

Aleyda’s Page Analysis Tools