5 Key findings from Google’s Nielsen Study on the Mobile Path to Purchase

Image from: http://rmsbunkerblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/what-is-secondary-research.jpgGoogle yesterday released a newly commissioned study by Nielsen regarding consumer search behavior on mobile devices.

Below are the 5 key findings:

1. Consumers spend 15+ hours/week researching on their smartphone. This may only come as a surprise to anyone that’s been living in a vacuum for the past couple of years, you may not know this – people love their smartphones. Beyond the snark, this is important to think about for search marketers and site designers. You’ve got to be thinking about mobile and how you can reach these searchers.

2. Mobile starts with search. A lot of people are starting their mobile searches on a search engine. You’ve got to get your paid search advertising out there communicating with these searches. Get them engaged.

3. Location proximity matters to mobile consumers. Searchers want the business they are looking for to be close to them. According to the study, 69% want you to be within 5 miles of their location when they search. Location extension in AdWords are key for brick and mortar stores.

4. Purchase immediacy is key. 55% want to purchase in the hour and 83% want to purchase the same day. The search marketer needs to make sure that PLA ads are ready to engage these shoppers – as well as call extensions so that consumers can take advantage of the click-to-call feature. Make the ability to purchase with the smart phone a quick, easy, and seamless process.

5. Mobile influences purchases across channels. 93% of people  who researched on their smart device went on to make a purchase.  Google recently introduced cross-channel and estimated conversions. Search marketers can now determine the influence smart phones are playing in the conversion process – and explain WHY we should be targeting these devices to consumers.

For paid search, we are beginning to see a clearer picture of why Google pushed us to enhanced campaigns. There are so many new features coming off of the AdWords assembly line, that it’s difficult to not feel overwhelmed.

At the end of the day, we’re getting more data to understand what is happening and make better decisions about where and how we advertise. Mobile is such a key component in this decision making process, and it can only grow from here with the proliferation of smart devices.

Keep your wits about you readers, and we’ll keep you posted of the changes here at seOverflow. More that we are not even aware of is certainly on its way…