11 eCommerce Checkout & Shopping Cart Design Best Practices for 2024

  1. Just brillant examples indeed! Coming from Sujan Patel’s recent tweet. It just awesome learning buddy. Gonna send a ptosal soon. Keep it up!

  2. Have you checked out the new Amazon checkout process? I would say that would be the new norm.

    They merged all three steps (previously on three pages) all into one page with dropdowns for each step.

    It has both the flexibility of a full checkout process and the simplicity of a one-page checkout.

    • Great spot Stan! Amazon has the benefit of lots of repeat shoppers so they have some flexibility that smaller stores with fewer loyal customers do not, but it’s always good to know what to strive for. We have had success with a very similar accordion style checkout, which has tested well in the past. Keeping users on one page, particularly on mobile, generally is a win and this is a great way to do it.

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