seOverflow is happy to announce the release of a free SEO/analytics tool, Insights For Analytics, which allows you to easily access Google Insights data from any keyword report in Google Analytics. We all know that there are many factors outside of rankings which determine the level of traffic your site captures for certain keywords. With the new Insights For Analytics tool from seOverflow you can now easily view traffic patterns for the keywords you are analyzing in Google Analytics inside Google Insights.  You can select up to 5 keywords at a time and Insights For Analytics will automatically grab the date range you are viewing and send that to Google Insights as well.

Insights For Analytics comes in the form of a Greasemonkey script and you must have the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox installed in order to use this tool.

Installation Instructions

Option 1 – easiest option

-download and install Greasemonkey Add-on For Firefox

-Install from link

Option 2 – coming soon

– install Erik Vold’s Better GA Firefox Add-on to get Insights for Analytics and many other Analytics enhancement scripts

Demo Video

Notes on Google Insights

One thing to be aware of when using Google Insights is the keyword data you are viewing is based on broad-match. This means the traffic patterns you are viewing may deviate quite a bit for the same keyword using exact-match.

Updates and Versions

– v2 released 10/24/2009 – updated so that it works with the new pivot view

Other Resources