In a couple of the previous posts in this series, we discussed ways of looking at your local “local” traffic, meaning traffic that originates from a specific geographic area.  If you have a business such as a hotel where potential visitors are searching using geo-modified keywords (ie ‘denver hotel’), you are possibly going to be more interested in the keywords being used versus where the visitors are actually located.  This can become a difficult task if for example your website is meant to service multiple locations such as a hotel chain. Luckily with the use of Google Analytics and the GA Notes plug-in for Firefox by EpikOne, this task becomes a little easier.

First download and install the GA Notes Firefox extension, then log into your Analytics account and go to the Traffic Sources -> Keywords report. At the top of the page next to the email and export buttons you should see a new button labeled “Show Notes”. Click that button and create a new note with all of the names of the locations you are targeting separated by pipes “|”.  Save the note.


Every time you log into Google Analytics from any browser with the GA Notes plug-in installed this note will be available to you. Now you can use this list to quickly filter your keyword report to only show geo-modified keywords. Scroll down to the bottom of the keyword data table and paste your keyword list into the filter keyword box.

keywordfilterClick go, and then you’ll see only keywords that contain the geo-modifiers you defined! You can also do this to separate branded and non-branded searches. Basically make a list of branded keywords and then choose the ‘excluding’ filter. Paste in your list and hit go!

seOverview: Local Edition
If your local business is not ranking well in Google’s local ‘ten-pack’ when someone is searching for the products or services you offer in your area, you may be missing out on hundreds of customers or more each month. Yahoo Local and other local directories are also very important sites on which to have a presence.  Now you can get custom recommendations about your local search optimization with Local Search help your local businesses achieve maximum presence in the local search results.