Unless you’ve already built a massive online following for your brand, it can be difficult getting your quality content noticed. I’ve personally used quite a few services designed to help publicly share content for my own sites or for my clients and none of the services I’ve ever tried were any good.

I’m hoping ViralContentBuzz is different. It very well may be too, considering that it was founded by Gerald Weber and Ann Smarty, two very well known and trustworthy internet marketers in the industry.

How ViralContentBuzz Works

ViralContentBuzz works on a crowd-sourced model which works by requiring members to actively share other people’s content on their social channels. When you share someone’s content, you earn credits that can be used to share your own content. Watch the video below to learn more about how it works.

Why These Services Fail

One of the biggest reasons that content sharing services fail is because there are no rules on quality. Most of these services let anyone become a member and people simply add low quality content that was designed only to get a quick link. Luckily, ViralContentBuzz has already thought about this and put in place some quality guidelines. That will definitely help for sure.

Another problem that services like this have is that people don’t add their best social media accounts. People will create crappy Twitter accounts designed only to promote stuff from sites like this so that they can earn credits to promote their own content. I don’t see anything stopping people from doing this in ViralContentBuzz, so we’ll just have to see how that all pans out.

Getting Started in ViralContentBuzz

When you sign up for an account at ViralContentBuzz, you’re given 10 free credits to experiment with. I decided to do a test promotion for an article that I just published on one of my other websites titled “How Social Media Can Cost You a Job, Your Identity and Get Your House Robbed.” I used 2 of my 10 credits, which gave me a reach of 1000 to 4999 people on Twitter or 250 to 499 people on Facebook. I think what this means is that if someone has 500 followers and they share your post, you’ve used up that much of the reach you purchased.

How many shares you get depends on the power of the account sharing your content. You can learn more about project budget from their FAQ page

It took about 3-4 hours for the moderators to review and approve my post.

The Results

I checked the account the next day and guess what?! I got only one share before my credits were used up. The person who tweeted my post has 2,871 followers, but it only netted me about 10 visits.

This is a great example of why having quality followers is important as well as other factors such as how relevant the content is to someone’s followers. The following of the person who tweeted my post must not have found my article enticing. Or maybe their followers are mostly bots.

So if you plan on on getting good results from ViralContentBuzz, you probably need to use a lot more than 2 credits and hope that someone with a quality Twitter or Facebook account picks it up. It seems hit or miss on the type of traffic you can get.

I decided to add 4 more credits to the project a few days later to see if I would get any more traction.

Nope, not really.

I got one more tweet from another large profile, netting me six more visits. It’s hard to say if ViralContentBuzz contributed to that because that article has been sitting on my home page. Those visits may have been organic.

Now I’m starting to think that to get the most bang for your buck, you should use one credit, let someone tweet your post and then go back and add another credit to get another tweet. Is that cheating?

Sharing Other People’s Content

I connected my own personal Twitter account and I started looking around for something good to share. I care about what I publish on my Twitter feed, so I was looking for something good. Interestingly enough, I clicked through several titles that caught my eye and the second post I read was titled “Social Media Insurance: Do These Things Now Before Your Account is Hacked” and was written by Ann Smarty. This was a good compliment to the post that I just published so I felt like promoting it.

Promoting that post earned me two more credits.

I continued to check out a few more posts in the SEO and Social section and promoted one other post that I thought was pretty good. All of the articles that I looked at seemed well-written and interesting. There are also plenty of articles that are a little un-original and on topics that have been done to death, but I didn’t see anything that I would consider to be low-quality or spammy.

Features I’d Like to See in the Future

I’d really like the option to have multiple accounts. I have one other Twitter account that I manage for my health and fitness website and it would be great to be able to promote some stuff with that one too. I suppose I can just set up another ViralContentBuzz account, but it would be nice to be able to manage both accounts in one place.

Another option that would be nice would be to somehow verify the quality of the Twitter and Facebook profiles that people are setting up in their accounts. I’m not sure how they would go about doing that, but I’m sure they can think of something. I’m not trying to say that it’s a problem right now, but I worry that it might become a problem later.

Final Thoughts

I really like ViralContentBuzz from what I’ve seen so far. The quality guidelines and manual moderation are really what seal the deal for me. I’ve seen a lot of services like this come and go, but with quality rules, I feel like this one might actually work.

As long as I have content to promote, there’s always a reason for me to keep coming back to participate, so it’s not likely that I’ll set up an account and forget about it. Ann Smarty has already hinted at integration of MyBlogGuest, among other upcoming features. I’m really excited to see how this service grows.