Happy New Year! In addition to a very merry holiday season, there was a lot of sharing of knowledge and internal discussions going on as we closed out 2014. Too much to share them all, but we wrangled together some of the highlights for you here! We plan on hitting 2015 full force; the way we do what we do continues to change rapidly and now more than ever it is of the utmost importance to adapt, or get left behind.

Inflow-ers In The Wild

There were a few Inflow-ers spotted ‘in the wild’ in December…

Dan Kern contributed to a multi-expert interview titled 21 Knowledgeable SEOs Share Their Finest Tips for 2015. The only thing better than Dan’s tip for 2015 is his mugshot! What a stately looking fellow! Here’s a snippet (and his mug):


Give. The more you give, the more you receive. Take that mantra into everything you do, and good things will happen. Read More…


Sara Downey RobinsonAKA Sports Racer of the Wreckin’ Roller Rebels roller derby team – will put away her roller skates and travel to Salt Lake City this month.


She will be presenting at Alt Summit on SEO for bloggers of all skill levels. If you’re planning on attending, be sure to check out her session!

Everett Sizemore wrote a great post on the Inflow blog about the Google sitelinks search box. This has been a recent topic of discussion internally and with clients, and you should know what to do if a search for your brand name returns a sitelinks search box. Find out what to do here.

The Big BING?

An interesting move was made by Mozilla when version 34 of its Firefox browser was released in early December. As discussed in this article, Yahoo (powered by Bing) is now the default search engine in the Firefox browser (it used to be Google). After about a month, there are no defining trends, but we are seeing Yahoo traffic has increased for a number of our clients in December.

Other Articles We Enjoyed in December

Cracking the SEO Code for 2015 – This slide deck reviews how SEO has evolved over the last few years, and delves into what needs to be done in order to be successful in the future. It’s a must read for anyone active in the world of on-page optimization, copywriting, or SEO in general.

Why SEOs Need to Care About User Experience – Google has long preached to – above all else – provide a good user experience on your site. This article reviews a number of factors, both in the SERPs and on websites that Google has implemented or is trying to get site owners to implement to provide users with a better experience.

Facebook Finally Lets You Search for Posts – The title is self-explanatory, but for those of you longing for this feature it’s finally here!

How Brands Can Maximize Facebook Organic Post Targeting by Interest – If you advertise on Facebook, this is a must read! They are beefing up their advertising platform, for example, you will soon be able to segment your targeted audiences for publishing content. Also, “smart publishing” will become an option.

From our in-house social expert:

“This is important because brands don’t have to spread out and create multiple Facebook pages to cover specific interests. Now companies can invest in growing one property and publish content only to the audiences that are most interested in a particular topic.

Smart Publishing is also a big change, because if it is as smart as they claim and it doesn’t annoy users, it can potentially increase referral traffic for sites as Facebook detects which content is most popular and continues to show it to fans.”

6 Dangerous Rel Canonical Problems – If the below summary from this article gets you excited, you would probably fit in well here at Inflow:

TL;DR – Avoid these pitfalls when utilizing canonical tags:

  1. Canonicalizing Many URLs To One (pages that are not the same content)
  2. Daisy Chaining Rel Canonical
  3. Using The Non-Canonical Version
  4. No Rel Canonical + The Use of Querystring Parameters
  5. Canonical URL Tag Not Present on Mobile Urls (m. or other)
  6. Rel Canonical to a 404 (or Noindexed Page)

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Remember, we love to talk shop, so feel free to get in touch. Here’s to a great new year!