Recently, I had the honor of being a speaker at Alt Summit, which is a bloggers conference held in Salt Lake City.

by Justin Hackworth Alt SEO SessionI was so fortunate to be asked to speak at Alt Summit. It’s one of the few blogger conferences with loads of brands looking to connect with bloggers to help give a voice to their products (an inbound marketing tactic that I love watching in action). I had the pleasure of speaking for one of the most unique groups of attendees, which included bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Side note: bless their hearts at Alt for providing makeup and hair styling for my session. I don’t look this good in real life. 

In any breakout room at any given time, you could have a mix of newer, independent bloggers to marketing managers from brands wanting to learn more on a subject to full-on entrepreneurs and business owners.

It’s a dynamic mix of people and businesses, all looking for inspiration and new perspectives. Those perspectives often come with great information and pieces of education, plus a boost of creativity.

Alt SEO for Everyone photo by Brooke DennisFor me, I was there to help this amazing group of attendees power their blogs with better SEO. Be it a corporate blog, or something else, my presentation was geared toward covering the full spectrum from beginners to those more advanced.

The biggest takeaways I had for my class attendees were:

  • Focus on topics rather than only keywords
  • Link responsibly
  • Use your resources to tackle the high volume of SEO tasks
    • Use an editorial calendar
  • Stick to your brand standards
  • Reach out for help when you need it
  • Hop on the inbound marketing bandwagon

I promised my amazing attendees my full slideshow. If you didn’t attend the session, I’ll let you know that it has my signature irreverent tastes injected in the slides. After all, SEO isn’t the sexiest of subjects and I needed to keep things light and fun. It’s 55 slides of hashtag awesomeness. And I’d say it’s PG-13 and totally safe for work.

As an Inflow employee, well–I won’t pretend that one of the best benefits of working here is that I get to work with some of the most brilliant minds in inbound marketing.

My most gracious thank you to Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for capturing my good side.

You can view the entire deck here or below.

And yes, at one point during the conference, I had my picture taken while rolling around in an inflatable duckie ball pit. Did you miss that great photo? Well, I’d suggest you subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t ever miss a gem like that again.

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